The Power of Positive Thinking – eBook

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The Power of Positive Thinking presents a unique, practical and easy guide that shows how to develop a positive attitude and use it to achieve success, peace and happiness in life. This eBook is written by Dr. Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned, award-winning author, lecturer, and consultant on wellness, who has been practicing and teaching the principles of mind and consciousness for more than three decades. It is a profound, uplifting and inspirational document that teaches practical tools and insights that can help you change your life. The Power of Positive Thinking provides a simple and easy guide to developing a positive attitude and using it to achieve all the goals you want, in all the areas of your life. It shows how to remove fear and negativity from your daily activities and replace them with a positive vision. It also provides a simple method for strengthening the power of your thoughts to achieve your goals. This easy-to-use guide offers twenty-four powerful chapters that provide a step-by-step process for applying Dr. Chopra's proven principles to achieve success and happiness.