The Miraculous Power of Fruits and Vegetables – eBook

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Discover the hidden healing powers of fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system and prevent illness. This eBook offers proven, practical and easy-to-follow advice from leading fruit and vegetables experts on how to get the most from your summer crop, how to keep food fresh for longer and how to add more nutritious ingredients. It includes recipes for delicious, healthy dishes and offers useful tips on making the most of your fruit and vegetables. Discover what items to always buy and which to buy more often, how to preserve your produce through freezing and canning, and how to store fruit and vegetables in the fridge. This eBook also offers advice on and recipes for some of the best known and lesser known kitchen classics, such as desserts, soups, breads and cakes. With simple, easy-to-follow recipes, it will inspire you to eat more healthily, take a more active lifestyle and boost your immune system naturally, without the need for expensive tablets and injections.