Practical Mentalism – eBook

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Learn how to tap into the power of your mind for everyday victory. Many people are capable of doing amazing things with their minds. However, most fail to harness this power because they lack the proper knowledge and skills to do so. This eBook, originally written by the author in 2012, is brought back up to date and revised, with new material added throughout the course of time. The author was a major part of the original Mind Gym and is the founder of the popular Mind Club. He knows the mind and uses this knowledge and skill on a daily basis to perform amazing mental effects. The information he provides can apply to any field you wish to excel in. The author has added new content and made updates throughout the book to keep the information fresh and useful. The content is presented in an easy to use way, allowing you to start learning and applying these skills immediately. This allows you to perform amazing mental effects. You will be able to attract, hold, and influence the attention and admiration of others. This allows you to eliminate feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and self-doubt in your daily routine.