Plant Based Eating – eBook

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Whether you suffer from obesity, or are simply looking to lose weight, this eBook will help you achieve your sustainable weight loss and increased energy. This guide will also assist you in reversing many of the health ailments that you may be experiencing, including lower back pain, knee pain, joint pain and headaches. This easy to follow eBook will provide you with everything you need to continue eating healthy, and taking care of yourself. Detailed information about the following topics are discussed in this guide, including antioxidants, fiber, fatty acids and more! This guide addresses the spectrum of healthy living, from sustainable weight loss to overall well being. This eBook is designed for both beginners and experienced healthy eaters. Nutrition is the foundation and key to living a healthy lifestyle. We all want to eat well and feel fantastic, but often struggle with the details. This guide uses an easy to follow format and extensive lists of foods, to help you make smart choices.