Mindfulness – eBook

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You may have heard the benefits of mindfulness, but don't know how to start. To help you become more mindful in your daily life, the author of this guide to mindfulness offers dozens of simple practices to do in everyday situations, such as stuck in traffic, sitting on the subway, or standing in line at the supermarket. The author offers a wide range of suggestions, from sitting meditation to walking meditation to reducing stress and anxiety. You'll also find helpful tips for improving your concentration, your health, your relationships and your own inner peace, whatever your age. A unique feature of the eBook is a daily devotional, which allows you to follow along and progress at your own pace. The eBook includes an audio track to guide you through the various meditation practices and a printable PDF of a Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness poster, which you can use to mark your daily progress. With this collection of practical yet profound suggestions, you will be well on your way to experiencing the benefits of mindfulness yourself.