Launch Your Online Course – eBook

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Learn How To Launch Your Online Course. This is a very useful and easy to follow guide showing you how to launch your online course in less than five minutes. This is for those who have completed their course creation and need a boost to promote their course. There is specific information on how to get more students, how to get more reviews, how to get more downloads, how to get more subscribers, how to get more conversions and how to get more donations. You also get additional help such as including your course with a WordPress theme and also how to add a lead magnet that includes an email list. You also get help setting up your landing page and how to run free webinars. In addition you get help on how to get more traffic to your landing page, how to make money on YouTube, how to create a website for your course and how to create an email list. This is the comprehensive eBook by Lisa from Global Launch Strategies and features many images, videos and screen shots to show you step by step instructions. You also get an immediate download of the eBook.