HIIT It Hard – eBook

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Search no more! The HIIT It Hard E-Book is your all-in-one resource with everything you need to know to get started performing high intensity workouts with no prior experience necessary. The HIIT It Hard E-Book includes six detailed workouts, a cardio primer, sample HIIT workout programs, and the ultimate guide to HIIT that includes information on how to optimize performance with these intense workouts. Perfect for beginners, this e-book is the ultimate resource to get you up and running quickly. In addition, we provide a cardio primer to help you determine whether you're in need of a refresher, a beginner's guide for those looking for a place to start, or a refresher for those who have been doing it for awhile. The six included workouts are designed to accomplish daily HIIT goals, break through plateaus and provide you with motivation to HIIT.