High Ticket Sales Secrets – eBook

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 Discover How to Make High Ticket Sales by Finding the Right Client With over a decade of experience, Adam Rothstein has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and business owners increase their profits. He is a master at securing the most business-centric, entrepreneurial and strategic clients. Over the course of his career, he has developed a proven process for finding the right clients. In this downloadable guide, he provides the step-by-step formula he uses to land A-list clientele. When a prospective client reaches out, he provides the three most important tips to make sure that the initial contact is effective and leaves a good first impression with him. The important step of the meeting is outlined and how to greet the client with the best possible first impression is covered. He ultimately reveals the six essential questions to ask in the first phone call to help you make high-quality decisions. An overview of how to structure your presentation is given, as well as the five essential slides that you need to have up your sleeve. He also reveals how to stand out from the crowd during the pitch and how not to waste either your or the client's time. With these practical tips, you will learn how to make high ticket sales.