Healthy Boundaries – eBook

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No More Guilt Over Saying No! Most people feel guilty whenever they say no to requests from friends and family members. Here, acclaimed psychologist and author Dr. Cara Ferris provides a step-by-step method for effectively saying no by avoiding objections, minimizing excuses and building confidence. The Healthy Boundaries eBook will help you learn how to say no without feeling guilty. Authoritative, yet presented in a casual, easy to understand manner, this practical eBook contains information for the average person on how to effectively manage social engagements and develop a healthy lifestyle. The six sections of this book cover eating habits, relationships, exercise, stress, health and finances, and sleep. Covers the most important daily habits and routines in detail. Provides specific tips on how to make your relationships healthier, more fulfilling and more satisfying. Contains chapters on stress management, exercise, relationships and eating habits. Includes information on how to say no without feeling guilty.