Conquering Fear – eBook

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Conquering fear is a simple idea that can change your life. The author, Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, wrote a book called "The Truth About Fear" in which he demonstrated case studies of how fear can be overcome. The ebook contains all of the case studies in Spitzers book along with additional case studies that share Spitzers personal stories of overcoming fear. This ebook can be read in any order, you can read the stories first, or you can read them in order. These stories will help you understand that fear can be overcome and you can be empowered to go after your dreams. These stories will inspire you to think bigger and achieve more. This e-book is designed for you to take action in your life and transform how you deal with fear. The ebook also contains three of Spitzers most popular audios that are designed to help you take action in your life.