Biohacking Secrets – eBook

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If you grew up in a household that encouraged you to learn through hands-on activities and practical experiments, then you've probably also heard the phrase "a closed mouth doesn't get fed." The Biohacking Secrets – eBook is here to help you hack your own health and lifestyle. Tried and true tips offer up simple, practical ways to increase your longevity and improve your performance. Make better decisions, get more done and live longer by using these proven science-based principles. Here are just a few of the tips included in this eBook that will help you improve your health, get more done and live longer. Grow your own vegetables in a DIY Rocket Form Garden. Increase your poultry life cycle with these simple Hacks. Improve your power output with these burning-edge tips from the world of Biohacking. Gain the upper hand with these Biohacking Secrets.